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Growing a Story

Growing a Story Some kernel of truth was planted in the fecund imagination And as the new shoot broke from the warm moist ground Spreading its initial leaves to breath in the air in a new world As an alien … Continue reading

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Cooperating with Creativity: A Reflection

“Creativity is the relationship between the human being and the mysteries of inspiration” Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear There are times where creativity seems like a divine gift, something external and strange and magical that comes from … Continue reading

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To Catch an Albatross

The albatross would dance in the air above Riding the currents of the divine breath Calling to us here aboard the ship Urging us forward as we rode the wind Charting our path before us as we sailed Floating gracefully … Continue reading

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Uninspired- A Playful Poem

I want to be productive and there is plenty I could do It’s just that I don’t have the drive to start on something new It’s not that I feel bad or sad or depressed or anything like that But … Continue reading

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A Love Song for My Muse- A Poem

She dances at the edges of my dreams Singing her songs, delighting in the bright corners of imagination Celebrating the springtime of the mind and shining brightly She laughs as I reach out for her, knowing once again I’ll hear … Continue reading

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