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Waiting-A Poem

Hanging between possibilities Trying to stay balanced between the past and future Remaining focused on the present with eyes on the horizon Each step carefully placed One before the other As I move along the mobile wire No tether keeps … Continue reading

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Forgiveness in a Graceless World-A Sermon

Ernest Hemmingway tells in one of his short stories called “The Capital of the World” an episode about forgiveness which goes like this: Madrid is full of boys named Paco, which is the diminutive form of Francisco, and there is … Continue reading

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The Playground of the Mind

  I wonder and imagine and play With the past and present and future Real and imaginary, fantasy and reality All ready to coexist in the playground of my mind And like a child entering a room full of toys … Continue reading

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Dark Days

There are days where the emptiness takes over And nothing can fill the abyss inside When the successes of the past are transformed Into the bars that the future can never measure up to And the idealization of the way … Continue reading

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The Grudge- A Poem

I captured a grudge to let loose on you For grudges are common in Kalamazoo I found one the right size, it fit in my hand For a fully grown grudge can swallow a man It started so small, such … Continue reading

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Means of Perception

  In her insightful survey of Romantic philosophy’s concept of the imagination and the 20th Century critique of that concept, Mary Warnock arrives at the conclusion that, “Imagination is our means of interpreting the world, and it is also our … Continue reading

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The Father’s We Seek

On Mother’s Day I wrote about women being more than mothers, and on Father’s Day I’m going to take a different angle because I think men struggle with a different issue and that is in society they are at best … Continue reading

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