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Roland H. Bainton’s classic, Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther, is one of several Luther biographies I have on my shelf and it is a classic work, even if it is a little dry to read. I want … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Story Reflection 2: Modern Crises and the Balance of Work, Rest and Play

When I started the Wisdom of Story I had no idea that the session on act 2 of the story, the part of the story where the conflict comes in and changes things around would coincide with an actual set … Continue reading

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Fostering Creativity        

  I brought you into my home after years of neglect You had moved from one dysfunctional home to another Desiring more than just a roof over your head and food Wanting beyond measure to be seen, heard, valued and … Continue reading

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Minding the Flow

There was a time when the words flowed from the pen Like rivers of inky thought rushing toward the paper sea And the flow revealed the gems and minerals buried Within the rumbling currents of thought. One day the waters … Continue reading

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The Playground of the Mind

  I wonder and imagine and play With the past and present and future Real and imaginary, fantasy and reality All ready to coexist in the playground of my mind And like a child entering a room full of toys … Continue reading

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In The Beginning Was The Sentence

Human beings have an incredible sense of perseverance when you think about it. We will take complex tasks, think them through, experiment, learn and then try to be prepared for the next time we use things. Now, on the one … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Creativity-A Poem

At play in the depths of chaos before time began Dancing in the dangerous depths of the waters of creation Playfully forming light and darkness, earth and sky Throughout the ages bringing form to the formless Giving substance to the … Continue reading

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