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The Wisdom of Story Reflection 2: Modern Crises and the Balance of Work, Rest and Play

When I started the Wisdom of Story I had no idea that the session on act 2 of the story, the part of the story where the conflict comes in and changes things around would coincide with an actual set … Continue reading

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Snow Day    

The snow and the ice bring the wheels of civilization creaking to a halt And for a day the factories and the machines enjoy a Sabbath Yet, I in my imagined self-importance somehow feel propelled To continue to work while … Continue reading

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As children we danced through the daisies and gazed at the clouds We built castles of blankets and pillows defended by imagined armies The world revolved around us and we delighted in the gifts of each day We ran and … Continue reading

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Creativity for Fun

Jay Silver’s fun little video is really about the joy of discovery and interacting in new and playful ways with the world around us. The creativity he shows in the video is from manipulating and combining things that normally don’t … Continue reading

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