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Roland H. Bainton’s classic, Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther, is one of several Luther biographies I have on my shelf and it is a classic work, even if it is a little dry to read. I want … Continue reading

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Who Cares if One More Light Goes Out? I Do

Who cares if one more light goes out In a sky of a million stars It flickers, flickers Who cares when someone’s time runs out If a moment is all we are Or quicker, quicker Who cares if one more … Continue reading

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Paper Ships

Another paper ship sinks amid depression’s black sea Too fragile to withstand the storms it encountered Absorbing the waters it intended to sail upon Drinking in the inky waters of the abyss   Leviathan lurks below the water’s edge And … Continue reading

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Grey Days        

There was a time when the rain fell softly every day When the cool dampness soaked beyond flesh and bone And the cold water dimmed the fire of my soul While the earth around me seemed to drink in the … Continue reading

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The Man I Tried To Be

All I wanted was to feel loved the way I tried to love Trying to make a person happy that knew unhappiness And for a while I succeeded and the shadows lifted From the soul of another who dwelt in … Continue reading

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Magnificent Desolation

The strongest man in the world is not the one who always towers over his challengers Boasting the undefeated record, whose has never met a challenge that he didn’t overcome Or the woman who manages to look perfect, act perfect … Continue reading

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Dark Days

There are days where the emptiness takes over And nothing can fill the abyss inside When the successes of the past are transformed Into the bars that the future can never measure up to And the idealization of the way … Continue reading

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