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Social Media and the Projecting and Mining of the Digital Self

Session 6: Social Media and the Projecting and Mining of the Digital Self This is the sixth part of a now eight-part series on faith in a digital age. The outline of the series is: Week one: Advertising in a … Continue reading

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Living Brave Reflection 5- Some Ways to Effectively Shame an Introvert

I have been a pastor for almost twelve years and prior to that I had a career as an officer in the U.S. Army, both of these fields are frequently dominated by extroverts and require a level of social interaction … Continue reading

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When The White Rider Falls

When the champion falls from his noble steed And lays vanquished upon the ground Struggling with the same mortality we all bear Trying to rise under the weight of the expectations Continually laid upon his shoulders by those Bestowing their … Continue reading

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Freedom for Fear and Shame: Grace in our Lives-A Sermon from July 21,2013

I don’t think it is a coincidence that the most common command in the bible is “do not be afraid.” And yet fear is a very real force in all of our lives and it causes us to do some … Continue reading

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The Father’s We Seek

On Mother’s Day I wrote about women being more than mothers, and on Father’s Day I’m going to take a different angle because I think men struggle with a different issue and that is in society they are at best … Continue reading

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Creativity, Spirituality and Shame

As I embark on the thought experiment I call the creativity project which will not be in any way systematic, but a set of explorations from various perspectives around topics of creativity, spirituality, and imagination I am going to start … Continue reading

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The Names We Take and the Names We Give

I enjoy music, a wide range of music, and so one of my hopes was to take something that strikes me when I am listening to it throughout the week, take the lyrics and their meaning and then see what … Continue reading

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