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Review of Jeremiah: The Fate of A Prophet by Binyamin Lau

JEREMIAH: THE FATE OF A PROPHET, by Binyamin Lau. Translated by Sara Daniel. Jerusalem: Maggid Books, 2013. Pp.230.  $24.95 (hardcover) The book of Jeremiah is one of the most challenging to approach in all of scriptures due to its enigmatic … Continue reading

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Vanity and Identity-A Sermon at Rejoice Lutheran Church, Frisco Texas, August 4, 2013

Vanity and Identity It is nice to be able to share a video of one of my sermons, this is from Rejoice Lutheran in Frisco, Texas where I will be serving beginning the end of September. If you click on … Continue reading

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Jeremiah 9: 2-26: Death in and of the Land

Speaking for the Earth Jeremiah 9: 2-16 2 O that I had in the desert a traveler’s lodging place, that I might leave my people and go away from them!  For they are all adulterers, a band of traitors.  3 … Continue reading

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The Transplanted Rose-A Poem and an Update

As I continue to follow the path laid before me Blown by the Spirit’s movement to once again pull up roots To be transplanted in some new place, some new soil One would think that after so many places, so … Continue reading

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Jeremiah 8:4- 9:1: The Headstrong People and the Heartsick Prophet and God

I am trying something a little different as I start again with Jeremiah: rather than breaking each section into several posts throughout the week I am going to try to do one larger post for those who enjoy this type … Continue reading

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Tension- A Poem

A life stretched between two different worlds Trying to hold onto both until the tension becomes too great And one must be grieved, lost and held in a memory While another springs to life full of new possibilities Straining in … Continue reading

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An Authentic People: Being the Body of Christ- A Sermon from July 28, 2013

Last week I talked about who we are, that at our root we are baptized children of God, marked with the cross of Christ and sealed by God’s Holy Spirit. That nothing can separate us from the love of God … Continue reading

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Freedom for Fear and Shame: Grace in our Lives-A Sermon from July 21,2013

I don’t think it is a coincidence that the most common command in the bible is “do not be afraid.” And yet fear is a very real force in all of our lives and it causes us to do some … Continue reading

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