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Three Days- A Poem

Three days has my master been gone Three days since those he loved scattered Three days since receiving his pierced and battered body One final gift from the hands of our oppressors Three days of mourning and preparations Three days … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Girl

May dolphins and dragons dance through your dreams And faeries, pixies and sprites inhabit your imagination Let the magic linger and play in the springtime of your life Sing and dance and play and let the world look on in … Continue reading

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Stay Here and Keep Watch-A Poetic Meditation for Good Friday

Stay here for just a moment and keep watch in the garden. Where love is betrayed and where friends are spared Where a beloved one brings soldiers and temple police Where love endures and does not shirk away from the … Continue reading

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Alone, life is over, Those whom I ask to wait for me enter into sleep A sleep deeper than death itself Seconds creep by, minutes last for years As I wait for my Father to answer me Yet no answer … Continue reading

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At the Table- A Meditation and Poem for Maundy Thursday

At the table with the others who will stumble and fall Here with the one who touched us each in our turn Healing our sickness, dispelling our demons, freeing us from our captivity At least for the moment we are … Continue reading

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A Brief Forward to the Prophet Jeremiah

Jeremiah is one of the more challenging books to approach, both for its content, its length, the fact that it is not organized linearly on a specific timeline but rather skips and jumps to different times and places, and the … Continue reading

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Betrayal- A Poem

A friend, a lover, a confidant, the one who I let down my armor to I accepted the blame for another’s actions And I slowly let the blade of betrayal slide between my ribs and into my heart How could … Continue reading

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