As children we danced through the daisies and gazed at the clouds
We built castles of blankets and pillows defended by imagined armies
The world revolved around us and we delighted in the gifts of each day
We ran and played and laughed and enjoyed the moments of life
Then we got older and forgot the steps to the dance and how to smile
The blankets and pillows were replaced by brick and mortar
And life became consumed by maintaining the walls that surround us
We closed ourselves within our own cages where we no longer looked up
The clouds replaced by the dust that we stir up as we shuffle through the day
And maybe we aren’t too old to relearn the steps to the dance and smile
Maybe we aren’t too old to run and play and laugh and enjoy life
To, just for the day, to ignore when the world around us frowns
Breathing in the fresh air and singing out at the top of our lungs
To let go of the carefully choreographed lives we live in
And remember that in our youth we didn’t need the steps to dance and smile

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