What Lies Beneath


There is a kindness in the smile that reflects the big heart that lies within
Where tenderness and tenacity together toil to transform the world in little ways
For there is a fiery resolve that refuses to release its hopes and dreams
There is a curiosity in the eyes that are continually seeking and wondering
And the ears that sometimes hear a little too clearly bringing in the sights and sounds
Of the world to the quick mind that lies beneath, continually trying to make sense
Of the experiences of the day and the wisdom of the ages, taking into itself
The cares and the worries of the moments and turning them over and over
Looking for the meaning in the moment and the wisdom in the worry and weariness
Perhaps that kind smile and curious eyes and thinning hairline together form
A window to a soul that is a fusion of the best of the saint and the sinner
For what lies beneath is an soul that is older than its years and kinder than its scars

This is a part of the #introtopoetry prompt where the topic is a face and the challenge it to use allteration. I didn’t originally intend to use my own face but it ended up being helpful in working through some of the worries of the moment

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