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The Silent Night-A Poem

Nativity by Lady Macbeth @deviantart.com

Nativity by Lady Macbeth @deviantart.com

As we hear the story again, that ancient story we know so well
Of the days when heaven and earth touched and angels sang their praises
When shepherds heard and a virgin gave birth in the midst of the stable
There in the magic of the night where simple shepherds knew what kings did not
And somehow God came down to dwell among us in the weakness of a newborn
When the deafness of humanity somehow missed the Word of God
Except for those few gathered together to witness the chorus of new creation
And as we echo the strains in our own key two millennia displaced from that day
May the mystery and majesty of the heavenly chorus blend in harmony
With the songs of the faithful gathered from all corners of the world
To fill the silent night with songs, to join with all creation in singing a new song
And in the cacophony of noise perhaps we too might hear the stirring of angels
Proclaiming the message of peace on earth and goodwill towards humanity
Singing of the love of God that comes down to be among us on this silent night
To share God’s song and to join in ours this day

Neil White, 2013

Blessings to all my friends who will be a part of the song tonight