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Flooded Landscape

You drank and you drank and you drank
But the floodwaters covered your face
As you drown under the smothering waters
Which seem to pour endlessly from the sky
Your skin had been dried and cracked yesterday
Baked and hardened in the summer sun
Your clay mask peeling flaking away in the heat
But now it is washed away by the continual beat
Of millions of tiny drops fall cold upon your body
And yet while the thunderstorm rages around you
You drink and you drink and you drink
And you will outlast the storm like all those before
The waters will recede as you trade
Your faded brown summer garb
For a beautiful dress in shades of green

Finally got time to get back to the Intro to Poetry, this being day 9 of 10 with the prompt being a landscape and the challenge being to use apostrophe where the poem addresses and object (usually personified) in the second person