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Goodnight (Promised) Moon

On the great big tube
There were blue states
And red ones too

And a picture of….
A politician who had promised the moon

And there were three derrieres sitting on chairs
And a donkey in blue and a red elephant too
And a divided house and a perplexed spouse
With a bunch of attack adds full of mush
And a quiet old lady who was whispering “hush”

Goodnight tube, goodnight moon
Goodnight politician who promised the moon
Goodnight blue states, goodnight red (the elections over it’s time for bed)
Goodnight derrieres and goodnight chairs
Goodnight polls, goodnight clocks
Goodnight divided house, goodnight perplexed spouse
Goodnight attacks, goodnight adds
Goodnight nobody, goodnight mush
Goodnight pundits, goodnight hot air
Goodnight noises everywhere

Adapted from Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon by Neil White in expectation of the close of the 2012 election cycle. Happy voting to all and to all a good night 🙂

 purple rose 01 by picsofflowers.blogspot.com