The Book of Judges

Cracked pots, Picture taken by Enric from the Monestary of Sanahin, Armenia shared under creative commons 4.0

Transitioning into the Book of Judges

Judges 1 The Disposition of the People of Israel

Judges 2 The Pernicious Cycle of Disobedience

Judges 3 The First Three Judges

Judges 4 Deborah, Barak, and Jael

Judges 5 The Song of Deborah and Barak

Judges 6 The Calling of Gideon

Judges 7 The Collapse of the Midianite Threat

Judges 8 The Conclusion of the Gideon Narrative

Judges 9 The Brief Bloody Reign of Abimelech

Judges 10 A Brief Respite and the Pernicious Cycle

Judges 11 Jephthah and a Corrupted View of God

Judges 12 Jephthah’s Ignoble End and Three Minor Judges

Judges 13 The Birth and Calling of Samson

Judges 14 Samson and the Marriage at Timnah

Judges 15 Samson’s Fiery Vengeance

Judges 16 Samson, Delilah and a Crashing End

Judges 17 The Idol of Micah

Judges 18 A World Where Might Makes Right

Judges 19 The Levite, the Concubine, and the Violence of Gibeah

Judges 20 War Between the Tribes of Israel

Judges 21 A Tragic Conclusion

Resources on the Book of Judges

Reflections After Walking Through the Book of Judges


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