Seeing our Better Selves

When my image is captured and frozen in time it is so easy to see what I don’t like
Even more than my mirror image where I can turn and perhaps see things differently
In the moving image I can find the better light and the parts of me that I like
But there, frozen in time in a now dead moment it is so easy to pick at the flaws
To critique myself in a much harsher light than any other would ever see
And in my life it is helpful to find those who remind me how to see my better self
Who in that same image see not the flaws frozen to be picked apart and fretted upon
But in that moment sees not a moment dead in time but instead a reminder of the living me
And learning to see myself through another’s eyes and risking cataloging the moments
As living reminders to celebrate the person I am today viewed in a new light

2 thoughts on “Seeing our Better Selves

  1. Sallie Bundy

    A good reminder to see ourselves through the eyes of Love. Thanks for posting… is a continuous struggle for most ( for me) to notice the good and positive in ourselves most of the time!

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