Making Monsters- A Poem

Monsters of the Mind, by

Monsters of the Mind, by

Stitching together the fragments of reality and imagination
Combined with the human energy of creativity
To construct our own monsters and demons
As a place to house our fears and concerns
Personifying them into corporeal forms
With mortal bodies that can be slain
For all the monsters found their wilderness banished
Under the unending growth of the cities
Cast aside into another cosmos
Yet without their presence there is an emptiness
And so like Frankenstein we set to work
Exhuming the monsters of the past
Adding a bit of our own devilry
And setting them free to roam
In the open places of our minds.

Is this also a Promethean struggle to rise beyond the limits set for us?
Some new and strange mutation of an original sin
Passed from fathers to sons and mothers to daughters
To need the foul creatures which take our own evil
And carry it as a scapegoat in their misshapen forms?
As the dark shadows of the world become know and its creatures labeled
And the imitation and exaggeration no longer holds our attention
Do we delve ever deeper into our darkness?
Fascinated with our own capacity for the creation
Of the beings to trouble our dreams
The peculiar draw of our nightmares
And our conflicted need for something to fear.

Neil White, 2014

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