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Back to Reality

purple rose 01 by picsofflowers.blogspot.com

Just a throwaway phrase from a conversation
“Back to reality” and the brief escape was over
Not that reality was some type of horrific existence
Some nightmare that needed to be escaped
But for a brief moment time seemed to had slowed
And it really was a vacation to some other place
Some undiscovered corner of the mind
Where the worries and wonderings of the world outside ceased
Where for a moment I was there and here at once
And I wanted to stay, but I needed to go
And so it was back to reality, back to the world I know
But sometimes my mind drifts away from reality
To another time and place and feeling
And my heart smiles and aches and dreams
Of what ifs and could’ve beens
But then again I must at some point have to return
Back to reality.