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When a Dream Dies

Glimpse of a Dream, IR photo of French River by Paul Bica, 2013 shared under creative commons 2.0https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Dreaming#/media/File:Glimpse_of_a_dream_(9391068364).jpg

Often they simply fade into the night, slipping into the ether
They dwelt for a brief time deep within our sleeping mind
We wake with no remembrance of their sojourn through synapses
Our short journey with their evanescent existence in the dark
Yet, rare visions weave themselves into the warp and weft of the soul
Their lives become joined to our own, birthing hopes and aspirations
A symbiotic connection of between vision and will, the dream and dreamer
And when that dream dies it takes a piece of us with it into oblivion

The World of Dreams- a poem

Folded Dreams by PORG at Deviantart.com

Folded Dreams by PORG at Deviantart.com

In a world that burns the midnight oil
That blearily blunders through the monotony of the endless day
Do we dare enter the Sabbath of the night
To enter that unruly and unpredictable world of dreams
Dreams that defy the cold mechanistic reality of the day
To close our eyes so our mind might be opened
To the possibilities that dance beyond the edges of perception
Can we drift into the silence of sleep
To that place where the whispers of heaven and the drums of nightmares
Compose the symphony of the imagination
And give birth to the visions of a new reality beyond the breaking dawn

Neil White, 2013