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The Return of the Robins


The winter winds scream against the walls of the house
Blowing frozen crystals from the sky
But the sentinels of spring have arrived
Their orange breasts foreshadowing the warmer times to come
A time of new life, a season of new colors and sounds

The winter has muted the pallet that the world was painted in
For three months the world has born its coat of white and grey
But the days are coming when new life will emerge from the compost of the preceding year
When greens and yellows, blues and reds emerge in the earth and the sky
Flowers will burst forth, leaves will again cover the naked branches of the trees
The earth will yield the bounty of its life in the fruit of the field

The skies will fill with birds and insects, chirping and buzzing over the lake
The squirrels and rabbits will chase each other around my backyard
And black soil stands ready for the bounty to come
The robins have returned, the advance guard of the army of life that will invade our slumbering land
Spring is coming, life begins anew

Composed Neil White, 2013

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Three Small Poems from a Snowy Day

Snow day

Earth and Sky

The sky reaches out to embrace its beloved which lies locked in a deep slumber

The earth continues its hibernation cooled by the long winter

So the firmament sheds its winter robe

And crystal falls from the sky

Frozen tears from the heavy laden clouds

Fall to cover the soil in a cooling blanket

The beloved tucked in for their beauty sleep

As the ground rests peacefully dreaming of spring

When it sheds the blanket lovingly rested on its slumbering form

And from the bounty of the earth green shoots reach out

Bearing flowers, fruits and perfumes for the air to delight in.


Snow Birds

Feathers puffed up as small parkas while they congregate at the feeder

Singing joyful songs in the cold winter air

Flitting along the ground leaving no footsteps in their wake

Too light to disturb the covering of snow

Songs echoing as they share in the banquet of food and friends

Shimar in snow 5

Joy of the Pomeranian

Lustily leaping across a blanket of snow half as deep as he is tall

Yipping with joy as he crosses the expanse of the yard

Greeting his comrades behind the opposing fence

Bounding along the expanse of the border that separates them

Barking and chasing at the shadows and scents of his challengers

No greater joy than the thrill of the chase

And returning home, his long hair coated in the crystals of day old snow

Resting on the vent with his mouth open in an expression of fulfillment

Composed Neil White, 2013

purple rose 01 by picsofflowers.blogspot.com