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Posthuman Evolutions Part 2- The Beautiful Ones

venussymbolVenus- The Images of Perfection

Alexandre Cabanel, The Birth of Venus (1863)

Alexandre Cabanel, The Birth of Venus (1863)

They come to us mediated through the magazines and screens of all sizes
These angelic beings which represent a model of perfection
Far too unattainable for mere mortals to ever hope to attain
Whisked away from the natural world and placed out into the spotlight
Lifted up on stages and pedestals as unreachable objects of desire
These modern day representations of Venus yearning for love and devotion

By some miracle combination in the genetic lottery they emerge from among us
Emerging when fully formed out of the sea of humanity that they came from
Yet, their beauty caused them to be plucked from the waters and placed in the heavens
To be desired and worshipped by those below them and to cast ordinary women into despair

But their reigns are short. Only as long as they can sup the waters of the fountain of youth
Their beauty and their power do not last and as their bodies age their allure quickly perishes
And other beauties are lifted up to occupy the places vacated by their fallen predecessors
Their brief brush with immortality proves to be all too transient as time marches on
Some will hold on for a time longer by enhancing their beauty through surgical means
Others, assisted by the masters of the media, will use the digital tools to hide their flaws

But what comes up must always fall, and for these beautiful ones the fall from the heavens is hard
They are angels who long ago lost their wings and halos to feed the appetites of their devotees
For while love may be forever, lust quickly finds a new object to obsess upon
And broken images that once were perfection now litter the landscape

Venus, Ancient Rome bronze figurine

Venus, Ancient Rome bronze figurine


I don’t know how to quantify what makes a person beautiful
Perhaps it truly does rest in the eye of the beholder
Perhaps it is only found in that moment when we see
The times when we open ourselves to the possibilities in the other
And put aside the judgments of the screen and the magazine racks
Seeing in a subtle smile or a wondering glance
A window into the soul that our spirit rejoices to meet
We may spend a lifetime and only encounter a handful of these moments
And so often they surprise us because of where they meet us
In places we never expect or in experiences tragically transitory
In a simple conversation or strolling through the marketplace
And there are many types of beauty that meet us in our lives
There was a beauty that was found when each of my children were born
That moment they touched my heart with their tiny thumbprints
Still remaining beautiful in their own way as they grow into young adults
There is the beauty of the person who you see and cannot look away
For something about appearance or movement or voice or demeanor
Captures your imagination and draws you in, even if only for a moment
Some will hear their beauty spoken in words awkward or eloquent
Many times the words remain trapped within our throats
And perhaps the most difficult beauty to acknowledge
Is the one that we find as we criticize our reflection in the mirror
For it is far easier to see the things that make us unique as our flaws
And to become blinded by other’s judgments
To that which is beautiful in ourselves.
Neil White, 2014

Beautiful Creatures

The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli (1483-1485)

The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli (1483-1485)

We are beautiful creatures, every one
A mixture of saint and sinner, good and evil
Danger and beauty all wrapped into one
Able to pierce the soul with words
And to open a world of possibilities is a single look
Within each of us flows the deep magic of the universe
For some the potential energy lies buried deep within
An unending well of energy only tapped by looking inside
Others allow it to flow dynamically just beneath the skin
Ready to break forth with the slightest of encouragement
But within each one that beauty resides
Only needing someone able to see us as we are

Neil White, 2013

I’m going to attempt the challenge of doing a poem each day in October, we’ll see if my creativity cooperates

purple rose 01 by picsofflowers.blogspot.com

Esther’s Crown: A Poem

A young flower freshly bloomed

Is harvested with all the other blooms in the garden

To set before the king for his pleasure

Most will be cast aside, forgotten and neglected

Destined to wilt in the vastness of his harem

Their beauty enjoyed, their perfume stolen

One of the many pieces of a bouquet whose beauty will never be enjoyed

Who will never be adored by another after being sampled and discarded by the monarch

Except the Hebrew Rose Hadassah, the orphan flower Esther

Delicate in a world of men, lifted up as the queen of the flowers

The crowning beauty of the garden of Susa

The rose that delighted the king is crowned with gold and adorned with jewels

Preserved to be displayed before an empire

And a nation celebrates in her triumph

And yet are all the other flowers mourned, the loss of their beauty missed

Or does life go on in the world of men scarcely noticing the flowers

Yet Esther is the bud the king could not set aside

Enthroned to be admired, adored and desired

Her path was never hers to choose, and yet she is the queen of flowers

Plucked from her roots and placed on display for the world to see her beauty

Composed Neil White, 2013

purple rose 01 by picsofflowers.blogspot.com