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Posthuman Evolutions Part 2- The Beautiful Ones

Venus- The Images of Perfection They come to us mediated through the magazines and screens of all sizes These angelic beings which represent a model of perfection Far too unattainable for mere mortals to ever hope to attain Whisked away … Continue reading

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I don’t know how to quantify what makes a person beautiful Perhaps it truly does rest in the eye of the beholder Perhaps it is only found in that moment when we see The times when we open ourselves to … Continue reading

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Beautiful Creatures

We are beautiful creatures, every one A mixture of saint and sinner, good and evil Danger and beauty all wrapped into one Able to pierce the soul with words And to open a world of possibilities is a single look … Continue reading

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Esther’s Crown: A Poem

A young flower freshly bloomed Is harvested with all the other blooms in the garden To set before the king for his pleasure Most will be cast aside, forgotten and neglected Destined to wilt in the vastness of his harem … Continue reading

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