The Mansion of My Mind

House of Prince Gagarin By Aleksandr Lozhkin – Степанов К.Н. (March 2014). “Художник Александр Васильевич Ложкин (1881–1942). Краткий очерк жизни и творчества”. Московский журнал (3 (279)): back cover. ISSN 0868-7110., Public Domain,

I will never dwell on some vast estate with a gardener to care for the land
But I can cultivate the fertile soil of my mind and plant seeds that grow
Care for the flowering plants, harvesting the produce, clearing the weeds
Pruning thoughts that have grown unruly to make space for the seeds I sow
I will never build some great mansion with rooms to fill and halls to decorate
But my mind contains an expanding multitude of rooms to fill as I choose
A library full of stories and wisdom, an art gallery filled with beauty and color
Halls of memories holding pictures and remembrances of a past still alive
The ever-expanding building may be complex, but I contain multitudes
Teachers and friends and family, writers and artists all inhabit my mind
And I can choose the dialogue partners I allow inside these walls
As master of this house, I send out the invites and I am the gracious host
I find as I grow that I need new rooms and spaces as life expands its reach
Curiosities need places to be explored, relationship need spaces to live
Sometimes, I need to explore the vast expanses of nature that adjoin
Sea and sand, mountain and forest, babbling brook, rushing rivers
I choose not to dwell too long on the mirror of lost loves and hopes
There is no wing full of the mementos to untraveled roads and broken hearts
Some rooms have been removed; others remodeled as I have grown
But I love the beauty of the place, it is home in a way no building is

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