Hungry Ghosts

By Unknown – Tokyo National Museum, Emuseum, Public Domain,

These insatiable spirits prowl on the edges of our vision
Consuming the gifts left for them but remaining unsatisfied
You can open the storehouse of your treasures in offering
But these hungry ghosts will always leave with wails of despair
And if you let them, they will invite you to join them in their cries
To see the scarcity where once abundance filled the table
To be consumed by comparison between yourself and others
Becoming a haunted and gaunt person whose joy has left them
Locked into their spiritual plane of hoarding and isolation
Where others become those whose happiness you must haunt
And you are only a shadow of man or woman of generosity

But these ghosts that haunt the edges of your happiness aren’t dead
Like emotional vampires they seek those whose joy they can drain
For they believe that in draining the life of others than can return
Resurrected in the act of dogging another’s actions for the moment
Living off the sacrifice of another’s ego, creating another hungry ghost
But their curse is to remain unsatisfied, consumed by their greed
Seeking that which can never satisfy, spending on that which is not food
Seeking life in the paths of death, seeking happiness in their gluttony
Show them kindness, but never look for their thankfulness
For these hungry ghosts are never satisfied, though their bellies burst
And don’t dwell in their haunts, don’t heed their haunted cries
Lest you too take up their ungrateful calls and their mournful cry

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