Growing up I wanted to be a part of the cool kids
To sit at the right tables with all the beautiful people
The pretty girls and the athletic guys who others wanted to be
With the witty conversationalists and jokers who made everyone laugh
The teenage courts of royalty where these young princes and princesses danced
But I was just a commoner on the outside looking in on a world I imagined
As an adult I wanted to be a part of the biggest and the toughest
To run with the elite of the elites, to be among the company of the fearless
The warriors who were the modern knights of the round table
The new chosen fighters for king and country questing across the globe
Missions that would save the realm from the forces of chaos all around
But some things we are never built for physically or by temperament
Sometimes I feel I spent so much trying to belong somewhere else
In the dreams that I thought I was supposed to dream
Seeing the ways in which I imagined I didn’t fit into those adolescent imaginings
Standing on the outside looking in at those who lived those lives
Trying to find a place where I belonged and belonging nowhere
Until I learned I belonged only to myself and becoming me was the home I sought

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