For years I’ve struggled and fought tooth and nail
Sacrificing the possible pleasures of the day to pay
Every time I think that I have almost overcome
The mountain I have been tunneling through
Another landslide places several feet more of iron
Between myself and the light at the end of the tunnel
Sometimes I feel trapped within the mine
A slave continuing to excavate gold and jewels
Indentured into servitude by the cost of living
Perhaps if I had some expensive habit to give up
If I had gambled or drank away my salary
Or enjoyed some grand series of trips or experiences
I might take some solitude from the memory of those times
Or find strength in the turning away from the bad habits
Yet, it is merely the cost of responsibility that hangs over my head
The cost of being a father, of bearing the burdens that life has given
So I know nothing more to do than to grasp the pick again
To apply my strength and sweat to the bedrock that lies in my path
Determined not to be overwhelmed by the mountain above
To continue to clear the tunnel for that elusive other side

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