Seeking Wisdom

Wisdom by Wes Talbott at Deviantart

Wisdom by Wes Talbott at Deviantart

The poet’s quest is to pay attention to the ways in which the secrets of the universe unfold in exploration
Perhaps, in the dusty shelves of a library filled with ancient and venerated tomes wisdom may be found
Or she might be discovered in the exploration of new lands and new world, the open eyed journey into the unknown
Perhaps, it is in paying attention to the mundane and ordinary tasks and chores that form the bulk of each day
Or in the enjoyment of the celebratory feasts where rich wines and fine food dress the banquet table joyously
Maybe wisdom whispers in the conversation of an old friend, a child, a lover, a beloved old saint or a grumpy old miser
Some knowledge can only be learned by passing through the crucible of pain and loss, the moments that break us
There is a certain wisdom that is only learned in the salt of tears and the darkest shadows of our mortal lives
Yet, in her time wisdom makes merry the soul, glad the heart and allows the poet’s spirit to sing new songs
For in her own way lady wisdom brings order to the chaos of creation and paints the heavens with her bright palette
And perhaps seeking wisdom is not merely the means to the end but is the end itself, the answer to the meaning of life
Not as some all-encompassing proverb but in the journey of seeking after wisdom as a lover seeks the object of desire
And to be amazed at the ways in which wisdom in her own time chooses to share her secrets with her seeker

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