The Walls I’m Trapped Within

Sometimes there are walls in my mind
That I don’t want to admit are there
Until I smack into them and they hold me inside
They block up my ears so I no longer hear
They cover my vision so I no longer see
And they surround my heart to keep me from feeling
At some point I created these walls and hid inside
And I stand on one side and you on the other
But don’t give up hope on me lost in my prison
If I run up against the wall time after time
Eventually the mortar will begin to fall and stones break free
Perhaps your story will slip to the cracks to my ears
Or through a broken brick I might catch a glimpse of you
Or like the wall my heart might wind up broken
And like the walls of Jericho the might come a tumblin’ down
So together we might stand side by side

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