300 Thoughts

Folded Dreams by PORG at Deviantart.com

Folded Dreams by PORG at Deviantart.com

Three hundred thoughts from a cluttered and curious minds confined to print and digital text
Poetry and prose, history and religion, philosophy and psychology all clamoring to be heard
An external wrestling of an introspective mind playing with ideas and experimenting with words
Three hundred thoughts over the span of a couple years that bear some connection in my mind
Yet are not the ordered and methodical story of a novel, not even some convoluted collection of shorts
But somehow they fit together as a part of the web of thoughts that my mind seems to spin

Perhaps I thought this electronic place might serve as some mechanical pensieve
Some collection place where thoughts can be stored and later looked upon with detached fascination
But even once committed to pen and paper or keystroke and bytes the thoughts become impressed
The act of scribing them inscribes them all the more keenly on the pages of my mind
And yet in the process of writing the thoughts become clearer and connections unseen appear
And somehow in the midst of the poetry and prose and reflections I change and I grow
Not in some methodical and measurable way and yet as time plods its slow march
Things begin to make sense and new questions and curiosities rise to the surface

To you my reader who stand on the outside looking at what must at times seem a tangled mess
I thank you for your time and your patience and I hope that in these random thoughts
Some piece of wonder or wisdom has perhaps touched your journey as well
For these simple words we wield are powerful things and you never know what their impact may be

Neil White, 2015

This is the 300th post on sign of the rose and more are coming but it was a fun way to reflect on the process and posts of the last couple years.

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