The Givers

There are those people who are born with an innate sense of compassion
Whose oversized hearts sometimes lead again and again to painful paths
Where they enter into another’s life and struggles and bear their burdens
But in those moments where their heart is broken and their spirits sag
Rarely do those whom they walked for days with journey a mile in their shoes
Perhaps they wonder if it might be easier if their soft hearts were turned to stone
And their ears could become deaf and their eyes blind to the need that surrounds them
Yet, sometimes the hardest lesson for a giver to learn is the most important
Somewhere in their journey of learning to care for others and to pour out their souls
They come to believe that everyone else is more important than their life
They become deeply wounded healers trying to pour out of exhausted vessels
In believing in the value of others they forgot to value themselves
To have the compassion for their own blemishes that they have for others
And to learn to trust their own heart and mind to seek out those who give to them
Who see in them, not the person who is the soul mender
One whose life is consumed by the endless hunger of the wounded
But the companion, friend, and the ones who see in them the beauty
They struggle sometimes to see in their life
Neil White, 2014

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