Silent Nights


I spend my days in a world saturated by sounds and people
Conversations that catch my ear and individuals crying for my attention
Frequently called upon to address the cares of the moment
Retreating only occasionally into the sanctuary of my own thought
Meditating and centering myself to once again enter into the fray
Into the blinding light of attention that sometimes comes with being a public person
Craving the moments of rest and calm in the midst of the squalls of life
Yet, sometimes the silence I seek in the saturated day haunts the night
At the time when we seek that companion that hears our stories
To lay down our burdens and exit the avatars that others see
To open up our souls and pour out the burdens of the heart
Yet, all that answers back in the loneliness is the echo of our own voice
Bouncing off the walls in the silent nights of solitude
Calling forth the contrast between the public life of the day
Where the world waits upon the words we speak
And the dark nights of the soul where our words echo hollowly
Off the quiet hallways of the house where we enter the night
Neil White, 2014

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