Paths Not Taken- A Poem

Sometimes I look back upon the paths I have taken and wonder about the paths turned aside
The possibilities, the different journeys and relationships and adventures
Each one full of its own love and pain, dreams accepted and denied
In each one the person I become is different because the world in which I walk changes
Sometimes I dwell for a moment in this imaginary me surrounded by the people who walked those paths
Never knowing if the way I imagine the journey down the untaken path reflect reality
Yet, I can’t help but wonder who I might have been
Not that I regret the path I have taken or the person I have been shaped to be
For in the crucible of the journey I have been on has shaped me to be the man I am
I don’t regret the lessons learned by the willingness to love and to lose
Nor do I regret the experiences learned by moving from place to place
Meeting so many new people, learning so many new towns
Yet, sometimes I think back on the friendships that were just beginning to grow
When yet again I was transplanted to some new soil to take root.
Perhaps it is the reflective nature of a poet’s soul to look upon the past and wonder
To imagine different possibilities and unseen futures
And as I look back on so many of the paths I may have never used those eyes to see any other world
And sometimes I wonder how much choice I had as I moved along the paths
Or how much was preordained and how many alternate paths were really choices
Would the man I was then have ever made any decision differently even knowing the pitfalls ahead?
Or would I have steadfastly held fast to the path that would have led me to where I stand today?
Neil White, 2014

1 thought on “Paths Not Taken- A Poem

  1. John Wood

    I have not moved around much, but I like to think all the decisions I have made thru life, to make me the man I am today, I would not change. There have been trials and Joy, and I would not change them for anything. Great Poem Neil. Still think about you often, I am very glad you were a part of my life.


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