Wrestling with God

Photo of Lutte's de Jacob avec l'Ange by Gloumouth1 http:/gloumouth1.free.fr

Photo of Lutte’s de Jacob avec l’Ange by Gloumouth1 http:/gloumouth1.free.fr

The world is broken, all around, as far as I can see
I see the hurt, the wounds, the scars, the hungry mouths to feed
And so I stand or bend the knee and seek and knock in prayer
Yet sometimes it seems like all my words just vanish into air
Sometime I feel as if I’m knocking on a door till my knuckles bleed
Yet, there never comes an answer, as far as I can see

I come to points where trust begins to faint and anger comes to life
Searching for the strength and faith to carry on the fight
Yet, then alone caught in my pride a stranger comes to me
To wrestle for a night ‘til dawn seems like eternity
While in the struggle we find each other caught within the plight
Of someone else entering in to come and share the strife

Yet, while I wanted answers that came with simple prayers
I found a God who met me in the midst of the struggle to live
To learn to find forgiveness, peace and identity
The one who came to wrestle, bless and then rename thee
For into both the mortal and the divine struggles I dive
And find the God who in the struggle comes and meets me there

This is more of a chiastic form where there is a a b c c’ b’ a’ rhyming pattern. Another experiment in form as I try some things throughout this month in the range of poetry.

Neil White, 2013

purple rose 01 by picsofflowers.blogspot.com

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