Adrift- A Poem

Adrift by Locopelli at

Adrift by Locopelli at

Cut loose from the moorings we drift into the vast unknown
Moving with the unseen current we feel we are exploring a new path
No bonds to hold us to the past, no ties to the relationships that made us
Adrift in an ocean of possibilities, liberated from the archaic maps
No compass to guide, no homeland to call home
Vagabonds on the currents of the endless horizon

Yet, the thrill of the journey fades as the sameness of the sea sets in
Surrounded by water that we cannot drink and food we cannot catch
We left behind the old tools that enabled survival and navigation
Confident in our own ability to create a way in the unending meaninglessness
In our sought freedom we find ourselves enslaved to the currents of time
Adrift with countless other voyagers trapped in our disconnection
Searching for a new port.

Neil White, 2013

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