Tears in the Red, Red Clay

Severe Weather

They had heard the sirens moan before
Within the sleepy town of Moore
They had felt the pain and loss of a storm
And May of ninety nine they still mourn
But nobody was prepared for this day
When tears would fall upon red, red clay

In Oklahoma the wind is part of life
Normally passing without much strife
Even tornadoes are part of the spring
With their rumbling groaning songs they sing
But rare is the monster that ruled this day
When tears would fall upon red, red clay

In the aftermath of the evil wind
Laid homes and schools and those within
Many still living, too many lost
And all of us observing the cost
Of nature’s fury put on display
On a tear-filled day on the red, red clay

No words of mine can soothe the pain
Of those whose lives were torn in twain
But my thoughts and prayers go out the same
To the people of Moore who struck their claim
And weep and morn for children not at play
On the tear soaked ground of red, red clay

Neil White, May 21, 2013

for those who endured the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma May 20, 2013 and those who will help with the recovery

purple rose 01 by picsofflowers.blogspot.com


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