The Treacherous Sea

My avatar wades out into the vast sea of information
Fishing for the truth in the midst of the murky waters
Made brown by the silt of data that flows down river
And the runoff of the manure deposited upon the fields
Yet, the sea itself is a living and crafty organism
It knows the quarry I seek and it sees my reflection on its face
It watches the places I sail to in my quest for knowledge
Yet, it only surrenders the secrets it is willing to show
But sometimes I wonder who watches who more
Does the sea
See me?
For in the vastness of the ocean I am so small
And am I merely sharing the data I choose to show
Upon the screens of the digital sea as bait
Or have I already been hooked?

This is the Intro to Poetry day 6 based on the prompt of a screen and trying to use enjambment (a sudden break in a line for effect)

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