Post Human Evolutions Part 1

MercuryMercury-The Liminal Travelers

Amelia Rose, Virtual Relaity Content Around a Female Head, image from

Amelia Rose, Virtual Relaity Content Around a Female Head, image from

Does there come a point where homo sapiens become so transformed
Adapting to their new environment to the point where they evolve to post human species
Is there a point where the physical world humanity was created for recedes before a virtual one
And a population self selects themselves to become the occupants of a digital age
Living their lives through an avatar constructed not of flesh but from coded images
Where the construction of identity takes place on the multiple earths of the new reality
And the clouds of the heavens are exchanged for the cloud of data that is beamed through the air
Does the image of the mirror fade away before the image that traveler projects
A new self created to voyage in the liminal places of the new world
Does part of the human race change into some bio mechanical being wired
Permanently connected into the wireless broadcast that form the air they breathe
Do the sense of sight and smell become mediated through the screens of cyberspace
And do the geeks inherit the world where they can be the creators
As they occupy that liminal space between the virtual world and the physical
Becoming the ambassador to the other human species from their undiscovered country
And carrying their tribute of images and icons to the new gods of Rome
For they are Mercury, the messenger of the gods occupying the space between
The mediators for the unapproachable others that have been selected away
From the mass of the humanity to dwell in among the pantheon of new deities



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