A Request

File Folders with my Notes and Work on the First Seven Chapters of Matthew’s Gospel

Seven years and 600 posts later, I’ve learned a lot from this process of writing and discovery and at this point I feel compelled to share some of these insights from the last several years with a broader audience. I have a couple more reflections to write about topics related to the Sermon on the Mount, but as I continue to write I also am asking for readers of various backgrounds and experiences who would be willing to give some constructive feedback on this growing work in progress on Matthew’s gospel. I will be compiling all the posts from chapter 1 through the Sermon on the Mount (chapter 7) into a single document and doing one additional edit of the first portion of this document. If you’d be interested and willing to read and critique this initial section of my writings on Matthew I’d value your time and perspective. This may be around 100 pages of text in its initial form. There is a lot of thought that has gone into these reflections and it is a vulnerable process to let these out into the world to be engaged and challenged and yet I know that this is the only way to test out my reading-to see if it is a compelling reading to other readers of Matthew’s gospel in particular and the scriptures in general. If you are interested please send me an note at chargerneil@gmail.com.

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